The Citroën GS met 45 years

Large headlamps, the design features simple steps and wheel rear covered were their hallmarks

When in the Europe of the late sixties and early seventies the families began to search for vehicles with greater space in the passenger compartment and boot is generous, Citroën was studying the possibility of introducing in the segment of sedans of middle size, a market that was growing.

Thus, the Salon de Paris 1970 hosted the presentation of this model of the brand gala, in the mid-range, with a price more content than that then it was his older brother CX, incorporating innovative equipment in the time which now could acquire the general public. Was, neither more nor less than the Citroën GS, that this newly passed 2015 met 45 years of life.

As for example your engine with only four cylinders and 60CV power could reach a maximum speed of 150km/h thanks to, among other things, to its chassis made from light alloy and, in addition, could be stopped without any problems with the equipment of disc brakes on all four wheels.

Your inner futurist where he stood out steering of a single radio is not left indifferent at the time to anyone

Its interior, designed by Michel Harmand, also stood out among the competition in the segment using simple lines and futuristic as your hand brake located on the dashboard, his well-known wheel of a single radio or the design of its indicators, manufactured by the swiss watch Jaeger.

Externally, the set of simple lines designed by Robert Opron is noted for its aerodynamic body, its great optics and its wheel arches semi-fairing that made it appear lower than their height from the ground.

is that, if something was highlighted on the model was his air suspension, for the first time, equipped in a vehicle of mid-range and that quickly became popular, it gave the vehicle the ability to easily absorb irregularities in the firm, stability and smoothness in driving as a few cars did in the era, and even today, despite the fact that we said good bye to her with the cessation of marketing of the C5.

The Citroën GSA updated the exterior image and embodied tailgate

Achieved the eighties, appeared the reestyling called the GSA, a technical evolution that improved different aspects such as change of five speeds or tailgate.

In his 16 years of life in the market were fabricated 2.440.610 GS and GSA, of which 153.983 were produced in the factory española de Vigo in the sole between 1984 and 1986, winning, by the way, the award “Car of the year in Spain 1974”.