The city councils of Germany may prohibit the circulation of the majority of the diesel


It’s imminent the arrival of the prohibition of circulation of the diesel that do not meet Euro 6 in the German cities that choose to do so. Germany takes time surpassing the thresholds of contaminacio┼ä for oxides of nitrogen (NOx), for which the European Union has begun to move more vigorously.

on Friday, european justice sued the five countries at the high of its pollution, among them Germany. Yesterday, the Administrative Court of Leipzig authorised immediately to the local councils German prohibit the movement of most of the diesel in the streets and avenues of certain.

In Hamburg we have already started to see posters like this, that may impede the flow to the diesel Euro 5 and previous. Are affected more than 10 million cars, only 2.7 million of diesel germans meet Euro 6, which entered into force in 2014. In a previous ruling, this court said that the limitation would not affect the Euro 5, sold between 2009 and 2014.

Germany already had a long-standing system, which discriminate the vehicles by emission category, the sticker Umweltplakette. Such classification prevents access to the urban centers to the older models, but I was leaving to sneak out to the diesel the more you are polluting the air. This goes beyond.

The prohibitions for circular will be translated the first few days in ” without a penalty, after you will be fines of 25 euros. The owners irate of the diesel-affected pressure good logic to manufacturers to reduce the emissions of its cars used and so be able to circulate.

According to the consulting firm, Evercore ISI, the cost to the industry would be of 14,500 million euros. It would not be fair to the owners to be assessed with those expenses, since they bought their cars in good faith, thinking they were the cleanest (and in theory was as well). The Dieselgate removed the bandages from the eyes of many people, the environmentalists, it turns out they were right: the NOx were out of control.


Area of lower emissions in Germany – Photo: GillyBerlin (Flickr) CC BY

In the last few months leading German manufacturers are encouraging sales of models Euro 6 in exchange for a discount on a new car in exchange for handed over for scrapping a model pollutant. It is also giving export thousands of cars to the countries of eastern Europe, as is the case of Bulgaria, since there are no limitations to circular.

scores of German cities that will begin to put limitations of circulation to the diesel, at least those that do not meet Euro 6. With the time, a few more years forward, also the Euro 6 may be vetoed and is close to the urban centers to models plug-in (hybrid and electric), excluding also the gasoline.

While the German industry is still trying to convince the public that the diesel engine has the tour yet and that the last Euro-6D temp are the height of the cleaning, sales continue to fall in favor of the gasoline, or the vehicles engine alternative. No one makes grace that will prevent circular.


even the Euro 6 -which may be circular – it is precisely wheat clean, but it should be noted less movement of the Euro 5 and earlier, with emission standards more lax

All of this movement court was sponsored by the environmental group Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH), which sued dozens of German cities for not complying with the air quality standards. Is one of the more immediate actions that are taken in Europe for cutting dry pollution by NOx due to diesel production the most recent.

Before the end of may they already will be able to see the consequences of these limitations to the movement: how you get the drivers, if it’s really the effect can be seen in the measurements and how to impact that in enrollment. The reputation of the diesel engine is greatly affected by the scandal Volkswagen, which will be three years old next September.

We have seen local initiatives in several european countries, including the us (Madrid and Barcelona) to reduce the levels of pollution. The germans don’t cost as much to adapt to the new situation, your eco-conscience is a few points above, but all this will pass invoice to the political forces, car manufacturers, local councils… And if all of this works, the contagion to other cities will be done in a short time.