The Civil Guard auction their cars from 105€: do you bargain or scrap metal on wheels?

it is Often great idea! That is what we thought when we learned this news. Vozpópuli warned that the Civil Guard will auction off 500 vehicles, including motorcycles, armored and off-road models, with prices ranging between 25 and 30 euros of the first, and the 630 euros of the past. Genuine bargains, a priori, which may not be so. All is not gold that glitters, sometimes it can also be scrap metal, and in the case that concerns us is probably not we will be in a business, at least as it was presented initially, but before an exit to get rid of a problem to the Armed Institute.

Not to be auctioned individual vehicles, but full batches in some detachments of the Spanish territory.

1. Do business or not? To begin with you have to keep in mind that the vehicles will not be auctioned individually, but in batches. These batches will be organised according to their geographical location. So that he who is interested in one or several cars will have to be done with the entire batch. Hence, some Forococheros have proposed alternatives such as launching a joint purchase.

2. What vehicles will be auctioned?
* There will be motorcycles, the cheapest, that do not exceed 30 euros.
* A significant amount of passenger cars of different brands, priced at 105 euros.
* Large amount of off-road vehicles, generally Nissan Terrano II and Nissan X-Trail 2.2 DCI, with prices at around 630 euros.
* Several off-road armoured vehicles, based on the model Nissan Patrol.
* Other vehicles of very different kinds (including trailers) of between 100 and 500 euros.


The Administration did not agree to that can be used in conditions of security.

3. What will be so cheap or is there a trick? there is No trick. But it is also true that you have to keep in mind that it is an auction, and these prices are orientative, for the initial bids. Will be responded to offers – in the detachments of the Civil Guard – until the 22 of April. And the offerings more substantial will be those who receive the allotment of cars.

4. What vehicles or scrap metal? Remember. The Civil Guard shall dispose of these vehicles to be obsolete, either by a high mileage, for many years of service, or by both issues. The General Directorate of the Civil Guard, remember that it does not undertake that the vehicles are in readiness to be used in conditions of security, mentioning that “the Administration is not responsible for the condition and operation of the property which it is intended to dispose of because the property is damaged by its use.”

In the Guardia Civil we have vehicles with over 500,000 kms. Coffins wandering. This is a recklessness. There are many more


The AUGC leads denouncing for some time the old and the insecurity of the fleet of vehicles of the Civil Guard.

5. Ensuring our safety in vehicles insecure. Those who are thinking of be done with a batch, you have to be aware of that it is very likely these vehicles are in conditions that make it really complicated to reuse. It is normal that these cars can become a good donor of parts, in material of scrapping. Are vehicles with many years of seniority, and hundreds of thousands of miles. For these two reasons do not necessarily have to assume cars to be unsafe, but yes by the fact that the Unified Association of Civil Guards has already been denounced on many occasions the situation, declaring even that “is to commit a rashness,” and that the agents have of working with authentic “coffins rolling”.

To auction part of the fleet from Breaking Bad