The Civil Guard launches a SEAT Leon TGI Gas Natural: why should we follow their example?

can I get autonomies – theoretical, yes – than 1,340 kilometers without resorting to diesel? Yes, you can. The solution you can use to achieve this is to opt for a vehicle bifuel, powered with gasoline and an alternative fuel, like LPG or CNG, compressed natural gas, as the of this SEAT Leon. And is that the latter has been the option chosen by the Guardia Civil, which from now on will have a SEAT Leon natural gas, the new patrol vessel of the fleet of vehicles of the Security Body. And it seems that will be the first of many others.

how And why natural gas? The simple answer, and of which we should not forget, is to be found in the fact that the energy company Gas Natural Fenosa and the Civil Guard have signed a collaboration agreement to improve its facilities, and the efficiency of the fleet. This means that in the future, if the studies about the use of natural gas are favorable, will be added to the fleet of new vehicles fueled with natural gas.

Meanwhile, Gas Natural Fenosa continues to carry out its study of efficiency in order to propose alternatives that, in accordance with the procedures of the Law on Public Sector Contracts, would allow the company to sign new contracts that would include the above-mentioned reform of the facility to facilitate the refuelling of natural gas.


Gas Natural Fenosa is studying how to improve the efficiency of the vehicle fleet of the Guardia Civil, through the use of engines, bifuel, powered by gasoline and natural gas.

, And again let’s pose this question, why natural gas is appropriate for the Civil Guard, and this, and other alternative fuels, also they would be for the rest of the drivers?

natural gas is very clean compared to other fuels, such as fuel oil, or gasoline, especially in regards to their low emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), guilty of some of the pollution episodes that have been experienced in large cities such as Madrid. natural gas is also economic and cost-effective. Your cost per kilometer, according to the expectations of Gas Natural Fenosa and SEAT, is reduced by between 30% and 50% compared to a diesel, and between 50% and 60% compared to a gasoline equivalent.

being a vehicle bifuel, and more specifically a SEAT Leon 1.4 TGI 110 HP, remember that this vehicle will have two tanks, one for gasoline and one for natural gas, which is usually installed in the place usually occupied by the spare wheel. The deposit of natural gas has a range up to 420 miles, with a consumption approved of 3.6 kilograms of natural gas per 100 kilometers, and emissions of CO2 96 g/km With gasoline, would have an autonomy additional approved of 920 kilometres. In real conditions, it is foreseeable that the autonomy is lower, obviously, but they still would be in some figures very favorable.


Although the distribution network of natural gas for vehicles continues to grow, yet only covers some of the major Spanish cities.

The big problem remains that in order for this to be a reasonable alternative for a particular it will be necessary to count with a distribution network. To get ahead, the project, and signed new contracts with Gas Natural Fenosa, we do not be the slightest doubt that the worthy will have their stations re-fuelling of natural gas. Although there are increasingly more stations for the recharge of natural gas in vehicles, and not just managed by Gas Natural Fenosa, the distribution network is not yet sufficiently extensive as to cover more than a few capitals. In Madrid, for example, yes there are a number of natural gas filling stations. View map of public charging stations of natural gas.

Although a vehicle of natural gas bifuel, and can also run on petrol, it is evident that in the time that we may not be able to enjoy its advantages, will not be an advisable option.

Still we must not forget the importance of the alternatives bifuel, based on fuels such as natural gas, or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), that counts with a distribution network far more extensive, in a lot of gas stations spread throughout the country natural.

Source: SEAT | Gas Natural Fenosa