The Clarity Fuel Cell is the bet of Honda for the fuel cell

The Toyota Mirai will soon have a competitor within the segment of cars that use hydrogen to power its fuel cell. This is the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, which offers an autonomy of 700 miles.

Honda-Clarity-Fuel-Cell-3El Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is one of the novelties that the japanese brand took the Tokyo motor show. This is a new production vehicle that when launched will compete directly against the Toyota Mirai.

Honda Clarity is powered by fuel cell with a capacity of over 100 kW (134 horsepower). The main feature is linked, so its fuel cell stack is 33 percent smaller in comparison with the previous generation, to the point that its size is comparable to the V6 engine of Honda. This led to the system located under the hood.

This solution allowed to play with the spaces to be able to achieve an excellent livability, with a passenger compartment that allows you to locate the right way to five occupants.


The Honda Clarity has 700 km of autonomy and a tank of hydrogen can be recharged in 3 minutes.

The electric motor has a maximum output of 130 kW (174 horsepower), achieving at the same time a range of over 700 kilometers, significantly higher than its competitor, more direct, as the Mirai Toyota reaches 500 km of autonomy. The fuel cell has a tank of hydrogen storage with high capacity, which can be refilled in approximately three minutes, about the same time that it takes to fill the tank of a conventional vehicle.

Their production will start in the first stage, in a volume modest, since its marketing in Japan will be in the beginning through a system of lease (leasing). It is expected that the Honda Clarity reach the japanese market in the month of march, 2016 and during the first year of trading, the japanese manufacturer focused on supplying to the government bodies and corporate clients.

sales to individual customers will begin after that first period in which Honda used to collect the opinion of users. After that period it will expand its volume of production, to satisfy the demand of the local customers and at a later stage think about its arrival in Europe and north America. Its price in Japan has been set at ¥ 7.660.000, that is to say a few 57.500 € at the current exchange rate.