The classic Porsche will soon have its lair particular


The classic Porsche will soon have a site where to go to be treated in a special way

The first Porsche-center for classic cars will open its doors on the 26th of November. Located in the town of Gelderland, on the outskirts of Arnhem, the Netherlands, this facility will be the lair particular of the living history of the brand German. A center where you can go to stay forever young.

Porsche never forgets his classics. Constantly present components renovated to their cars more iconic. It is estimated that 70% of the cars manufactured by Porsche throughout his life are still in operation today. A percentage that is expected to not go down ever thanks to the opening of this center.

Although Gelderlan is the nerve center, 100 centres anexionarán to it to create a global network of mechanical and component suppliers, although this will not be until the year 2018. This implies that the centers of Porsche that provide services to classic car will be certified as a Porsche Classic Partners.


The current network consists of 20 centers, in 2018 there will be over 100

More than 52,000 original parts are waiting to be employed in the rejuvenation of the classics. Of course also you can go for the correct maintenance of your Porsche classic, as well as to request assistance or advice at the time of restore or purchase one of the hundreds of models that the German brand has been marketed throughout its history.

¡Long life to the classics!