The club of the 20-million: the sports classic most expensive in the history


Ferrari 335 Sport of 1957, with el morro’s standard next to the famous front of the Testa Rossa.

One of the sport classics that most owners he has starred in this last week is none other than the copy of the Jaguar D-Type, frame number XKD 501, managed to reach a final bid of 21.78 million dollars in the auction of RM Sotheby’s in Monterey. What became immediately in the british automobile by the most had come to pay in an auction.

In that same event, another vehicle was unable to reach another record particular, the Alfa Romeo 8C 2900B Lungo Spider, becoming the model of the Italian brand most expensive in history, to achieve the 19.80 million dollars. And like the Jaguar, he went to form part of the exclusive Top ten of the more expensive models sold at auction, occupying for the moment the seventh and eighth positions respectively of said list.

however, the Italian model was on the verge of a most recent list and the exclusive still, the club formed by the models that have been able to overcome the $ 20 million at auction. Which happened for the first time in history on July 12, 2013, when the Mercedes-Benz W196 of Juan Manuel Fangio was unable to reach the 29,60 millions of dollars in an event of Bonhams in the Uk.


Ferrari 250 GTO, photo of time.

Since then and until this past weekend so only 7 copies have managed to overcome this barrier numeric, which makes it the most expensive of all, the seven that crown the official list of more expensive models of the history.

it Is worth pointing out that we speak of models sold only and exclusively by public auction, since it is impossible to make a register of all the models that are sold privately. Therefore, it is safe and in fact there are reports that as well as endorse, that there have been copies that have been sold for higher figures than those here mentioned.

however, and as we have already said, in the absence of documentary evidence for every one vehicle which has been the object of private transaction can not enter in this list, as the rumored Ferrari 250 GTO that was sold a few years ago supposedly by 52 million euros.


overall Winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1955

Jaguar D-Type #XKD 501, 1955

Currently, the basis for this list is precisely the Jaguar D-Type that was auctioned off this weekend in Monterreand, its condition as a vehicle of competition, as well as your track record, and its rarity were arguments more than sufficient to give it such a value.

Jaguar was originally created 25 scenes of the D-Type, heavily based on the C-Type, but weak demand led to 16 of these chassis were converted to the spectacular XKSS street, so that only 9 copies left in their original configuration.

Of these, the chassis XKD 501 is one of the most respected, as was the overall winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans of 1955 under the banner of the mythical team Ecurie Ecosse, with Mike Hawthorn and Ivor Bueb at the wheel. This copy is without a doubt one of the sports brand of the highest historical value.


One of three racks lightweight racing bodywork in aluminum by Scaglietti.

Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale by Scaglietti #06701 1964

The following model is one of the five Ferrari that we can find in this list, and as the Jaguar was also put on sale in the events of the Monterey Car Week, in August 2014, where he received a maximum bid of 26.40 million dollars. For which grounds is not missing, because it was the first of only three scenes made by the brand to compete officially, which makes it a very rare model in the catalog of the classics of the brand of Maranello.

Built by Scaglietti completely in aluminum in 1965, this Berlinetta Competizione is one of only 3 created by Ferrari with a special frame lighter that the conventional, on the basis of tubes of thinner section, and had an evolution engine that gave him 70 horses more than the road version.

His task was as simple to explain as it is difficult to get, had to happen at the successful 250 GTO in competitions from 1965, hence it had elements more typical of the 250 GTO and 250 LM. With the latter competing in the class of prototypes, the new 275 GTB/C was brand new at Le Mans 1965 in the category GT, but the problems of homologation with the FIA prevented that only one of the 3 racks that are created to be able to compete that year, the number 06855 name of the Ecurie Francorchamps. This ended up third in the overall, the best result of the history for a model of an engine in the front from competing sports cars mid-engine Le Mans.


limited Edition of only 10 units are produced at the request of Luigi Chinetti.

Ferrari 275GTB/4 S NART Spider #10709, 1967

like the previous, this model was created in a short series and was sold in Monterey, in 2013 by 27.50 million dollars. Created at the request of the former driver Luigi Chinetti, the Us distributor of the brand and personal friend of Enzo Ferrari, the 275 GTB/4 S NART Spyder was a short limited edition of only ten copies which was based on the series 275, of which were made around 300 units.

This copy was purchased at the same Chinetti by Eddie Smith, its first and only owner until it was auctioned in 2013, nearly 50 years after it was acquired, which is extremely difficult to see in this world, especially when it comes to parts as rare and scarce as this.

In fact, Eddie Smith was the one who Chinetti offered a copy of the 9 NART Spyder that came to the united States, the tenth exemplary stayed in Spain and moved to North Africa, to the Spanish colonies, for years later to return to the iberian peninsula, and shortly after to the Uk.


Created for Fangio, this was fourth in the Mille Miglia of 1956 with the.

Ferrari 290 MM #0626 1956

This Ferrari of competition sold in 2015 by 28.05 billion is the second vehicle related to Fangio of this selection. With this rack, the argentine competed in the Mille Miglia of 1956, where he finished fourth, in addition to other great famous pilots of the time in different competitions, such as the Spanish Alfonso de Portago.

This extraordinary specimen has the peculiarity of not to have suffered never any accident of importance, which is quite strange in models that competed in these categories, out-of-circuit.

in Addition to Fangio, this Ferrari won the 1000 Kilometers of Buenos Aires in 1957 with Eugenio Castelloti to their commanders. Although in its day, the coupe was built specifically for Fangio, with the own Enzo Ferrari involved in the project.


One of the arrows of silver Fangio.

Mercedes-Benz W196 #196 010 00006/54, 1954

This is the older model of this selection but it surely is one of the most recognizable, thanks to the legend of the arrows of the silver German. In fact, this unit is one of the most successful of the copies surviving today of the W196, in addition to being the only one that does not belong to any museum or to the own Mercedes.

Among his achievements, this single-seater that cost to its current owner 29.60 million dollars in 2013, it has to have expired in the Great Prizes of Germany and Switzerland with the great Fangio behind the wheel in 1954.

At the time of sale, this car silver became the more expensive model of the history, although its crown lasted a little more than a year.


One of the most famous for years of the collection Bardinon.

Ferrari 335 Sport #0674, 1957

This model had the misfortune of having been sold in France at a time the currency exchange was unfavorable, so that in spite of to overcome even their higher estimates, dollar became the second more expensive model of the story, although the prices translated to Pounds placed this as the more expensive model auctioned.

Auctioned by Artcurial at Retromobile 2016, this Ferrari racing featured some of the biggest names in the history of motor sport, as Sir Stirling Moss, Wolfgang von Trips and Mike Hawthorn, Luigi Musso or Piero Taruffi.

Prior to this year, this was one of the most striking of the famous collection of Pierre Bardinon, one of the most reputable and best-maintained of the Italian brand, and not in vain, the own Enzo Ferrari referred to Bardinon when I was recriminat for not having put enough effort to preserve the legacy of your brand, answering that Bardinon had already done so by the.


One of the few copies of the 250 GTO best preserved.

Ferrari 250 GTO #3851GT 1962

The nineteenth exemplary of the 250 GTO, the Ferrari most legendary of all time, was sold by Bonhams in Monterey 2014 for the impressive number of 38.115 million dollars, which makes it until the day of today in the more expensive model of the story.

The case of this unit it is rather curious, since it is the drive of the GTO that has remained over time with its owner, the founder of the Maranello Rosso Colezzione of San Marino, for a staggering 49 years.

used by Jo Schlesser in the competition, in his early years had
up to 4 owners who competed regularly with the
, for some
after you become part of the collection of an Italian entrepreneur,
the founder of the above-mentioned collection, the best considered of Ferrari and
Abarth in the world for years.