The colors and materials used in the new Ford GT have not been chosen at random

Ford GT

The colors used on the Ford GT have not been chosen at random.

There are few occasions in which we have spoken of the various aspects and features of the new Ford GT. And is that the new generation of the well-known sports Ford is giving a lot to talk about (and in this case write). design process, that has led several years, the brand, the blue oval has had to face many challenges, among which are elections so important as to choose the different colors and materials used.

And although at first it may seem that factors such as the colors that are offered to the clients at the time of set up may seem a little lightweight, the truth is that in models of high performance and just as unique as you can be the new Ford GT, each detail has passed a thorough process of internal debate to analyze if it really conveys the message that you want the manufacturer.

Ford designers highlight that in the design process of the new Ford GT, have used colors in a strategic way with the aim of highlighting different details and elements as well as to improve the aesthetics of efficiency and high benefits that has this sport. The body can be painted in up to eight colours, including the “Blue Liquid”. And the same thing happens with the materials used both in the exterior and in the interior of the car.

Ford GT - colores frenos Brembo

brake calipers Brembo that will use the Ford GT will be available in various colors.

Barb Whalen, Manager of Design of Color and Material of Ford, emphasizes that in all times have sought that the new GT transmit “energy and equilibrium”:

“We have walked a thin line with the color and materials of the vehicle, by infusing power through the use of color and balance and, at the same time, working to preserve the attractive wild of a performance car. Everything in the new Ford GT has been purposely designed to express the high performance definitiveā€.

And not only talking about colors on the outside as the shades that will be available to the brake calipers Brembo customizable and are available in black color but you can choose from silver, blue, orange, and red. If we look at the interior of the new Ford GT, we will find details and carbon fiber inserts as well as finished in “Black Shadow” gloss or matte.

throughout the cabin, it has been used the color sparingly doing act of presence in a subtle way in different elements as in the rear seats or on the passenger side. With the satin finishes are achieved by transmitting a greater sobriety and elegance. And along with this, fabrics of high quality as in Alcantara.