The coming Nissan Leaf and Renault Zoe will use the same platform

Alianza Renault-Nissan Nissan Leaf

The Alliance Renault-Nissan can be more than satisfied. Their electric models are the most sold in the world and this has allowed it to be placed very well in the sector for the next wave of electric models. The first to revolutionize the market was the Leaf of Nissan. The firm nippon put on the market in the year 2010 and in these six years has managed to enroll nothing more and nothing less than 200,000 vehicles throughout the world.

Then came Renault with your city Zoe. The little frenchman came onto the market in the year 2012 and in these four years has sold some 50,000 units. However, and despite the good numbers to the officers of the Alliance will have left a bitter taste in the mouth. According to its initial estimates of these cars had to be sold in higher amounts, however, for as has been the market, and most of the electrical, are clapping with joy.

Alianza Renault-Nissan Renault ZOE Swiss Edition

In this time things have gone very well, but you have to reassemble in front of their new rivals (there I see Opel with its Ampera-e, for example). According to Arnaud Deboeuf, senior vice president of Renault-Nissan BV, the Alliance has been thought that for the next generations of both models will use a common platform. Up to now none of the models shared nothing because they were developed independently, but now the thing is going to change.

The autonomy of the batteries and their cost have been reduced significantly, and if this lowering of costs add the use of a common platform we have that with a single investment the benefits can be increased exponentially. For this to be possible the Zoe from Renault you will leave your body and urban will to the olympus of the compact. With this motion the two firms will have an electric model in the heart of the market and will be able to compete on equal terms with the firms that are thinking of attacking this plot.

Deboeuf has also said that the first model to receive this platform will be the Zoe, and that as soon as it will not be until the year 2019 or 2020. Therefore, there will be that wait for more news from the alliance.

Source – Renault-Nissan Alliance