The Commission of F1 rejects independent motors for 2017

Jean Todt y Ecclestonefew days Ago announced the specification of the independent motors for 2017 and opened to motorists interested submit their entries. Yesterday we announced the arrival of a third interested party after the interest of Ilmor and AER, the French Mecacrhome. Well, now the Commission of Formula 1 has rejected the entry of the independent motors to 2017 by regarding them as a danger to the interests of the current riders.

Todt, the FIA president, and the rights owner of F1 Bernie Ecclestone could force the implementation of these engines in the next World Council of motorsport, but perhaps do not. The Commission of the Formula 1, has met this Tuesday in Paris to agree on plans for 2017, and has simply rejected the proposal despite the fact that he had already interested candidates. A large majority of votes was rejected by the independent motor, so that Red Bull has suffered a hard stick to be the primary stakeholder.

Arrivabene y WolffMercedes, Renault and Honda have been the opposite to the input of these motorists. It is rare to see that Ferrari has not been one of them, but has already used its veto to prevent the decrease in the prices of the engines and was heavily criticized. However, Sauber, the “B-team” of Maranello has also been opposed to these engines, curious, taking into account the situation you are in and that a motor for cheap could do nothing wrong… Red Bull and Toro Rosso put the condition of the input of these engines to stay, now that you have enlisted for the next season suffer this setback.

The situation of Red Bull returns to change because they do not know if it will have engine for 2017 and they need to redo their plans. However, today’s manufacturers must propose some changes in upcoming meetings before the 15th of January. Now motorists today have the word and may present a new proposal to the Group’s Strategy, which may re-admit these engines are independent under other conditions. This proposal will be held in conjunction to the FIA and shall be submitted prior to January 15, 2016, and then again uncertainty on this issue..