The Commission of the F1 approves the program of tests Pirelli


The Commission of the Formula 1 and the Strategy Group has approved this evening the program of tests Pirelli for their tyres 2017 unanimously, a requirement essential to the brand of tires Italian could take it out in time for the next year.

last week, Pirelli had claimed to the FIA an immediate ratification of the program of tests to have more time on track and be able to do the necessary testing of the new compounds, which resulted in to slightly alter the rules of test of season in force. Otherwise, it warned, would be forced to leave Formula 1, and they had set today as a deadline to make a decision.

In statements to Motorsport, Paul Hembery, head of Pirelli, he went on to say that the brand is “in the limit. There are only 6 months of work to study and implement it all, and it is not easy. Teams want a tire perfect, but as the weeks go by it is a bit less feasible”.

“If not we can work as we want, deliver what is asked of us becomes impossible. We don’t want to risk our name by not having the tests or information necessary to do our work.”