The Concept is as Toyota KIKAI imagine a century Hot Rod


The Toyota KIKAI be one of the attractions that the Japanese take a few weeks to the Tokyo Motor Show. It is a 1 + 2 retro style that blends the characteristics of a buggy with a Hot Rod.


Toyota-KIKAI L he Japanese continue advancing everything to be carrying Tokyo Motor Show and at this rate will be few surprises to discover when you open its doors later this month. Now it was the turn of Toyota which released the first pictures and information of a prototype which they called KIKAI.

This is a conceptual work that has an interior type 1 + 2 where the driver is at the center , which stands out for its bodywork leaves exposed mechanical parts, almost as if it were a Hot Rod modern format . The cabin also has two small windows beneath the driver’s feet, for observing the movements of the suspension and tires from inside the car.

The exterior aesthetics puts you right halfway between a buggy and Hot Rod American style and has a body of just 3.4 meters in length , 1 8 meters wide and 1.55 meters high. The interior has a very simple look, retro style and is equipped with two smaller and located to the left of the driver, three-spoke steering wheel and instrument consists of four independent clocks.

Toyota says cautiously that KIKAI is nothing more than a mere design study and not the advance of a production model. But undoubtedly the prototype will generate an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees Tokyo Motor Show, in line with recent statements by the mark, indicating that future models will be something more emotional.

Spend the technical details of Toyota KIKAI must wait for his debut in Tokyo in a few weeks.



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