The conquest of the seas! To Bugatti have been small roads

what A yacht Bugatti? Although it may seem, the builder of supercars luxury also produced yachts, and aircraft in past times. At the time, the propeller plane faster prior to the Second World War. But that is a story for another day. Today I inform you that Bugatti resumed production of yachts, with a partner of luxury: Palmer Johnson, a renowned builder of yachts based in Monaco. Their first joint project already sailing the seas and has been baptized as “Niniette”.

Is a good way to wait for the release of Chiron, since there are still a few months to your presentation.

Is the nickname that Louis Bugatti affectionately gave to his daughter Lydia, and the one that will adorn the side of these yachts. Machines enjoy , whose hull will be built entirely in carbon fiber. Its design mimics a classic Bugatti of past times, as is the case of the Type 57 C Atalante, and the beautiful Type 41 Royale, the proportions are almost perfect. Of course, carbon fibre has been tinted blue, has a command post minimalist and recreational area in which to enjoy the scenery or take the sun. A true gem.

the top of The helmet has been lined with sheets of titanium and teak wood darkened. These details give us clues as to its price. We don’t know what engine you will use, but we doubt that is the W16 with four turbos of the Bugatti road. Rather it will be a – or a couple – marine engine power medium-high, maybe around the 700 HP. It is capable of propelling the yacht at a speed of up to 38 knots marine, equivalent to 70 km/h. On the water is a high speed, especially for a boat of these dimensions.

Palmer Johnson launch three versions of the Niniette, with three boat lengths of each different and three different prices, of course. The basic version of 44 feet in length – equivalent to 13.4 metres in length – is called PJ43 Niniette, and its price starts at 2 million euros. Your version of 19.2 meters in length is called PJ63 and already starts at 3.25 billion euros. The most opulent and excessive has to 26.8 metres in length, and continues to be a yacht designed for the enjoyment of very few people.

Your price: to consult.

Source: High Snobiety
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