The continuity of the GP Austin F1 is not insured

Bernie EcclestoneThe atypical GP Austin, with that hurricane that hit the coast of the united States, but interesting qualifying session and race on Sunday made an appointment to remember this 2015. Without a doubt, the sessions of-free that were cancelled or there was little movement in the first of them by the temporary left a bitter taste to the viewers, but amply compensated with one of the careers most closely contested we have seen this year.

well, it seems to be that the government undertook to pay an amount of money to keep the appointment in the calendar, but have reduced their economic participation in this circuit, breaking with what had been agreed. The organizers of the GP need to get the difference of money from somewhere or otherwise threatening the continuity of this circuit, since they would not play with the deal they have with Bernie Ecclestone.

GP de AustinThe government of texas agreed to contribute 330 million euros, 33 for each year, to keep the appointment for 10 years on the calendar. But this amount was reduced to 25 million in 2015. Here comes the problem, with a deficit of 8 billion euros which should seek from other source to ensure the financial viability of the event and comply with the high demands imposed by Ecclestone as head of commercial rights of F1. Dave Shaw, a spokesman of the DIMENSION ensures that: “All of the facilities were built based on that deal. If the calculations change now, that changes the terms of the deal.“.

Also the president of the COTA, Bobby Epstein, has made it clear the situation: “The state clearly made promises. I think that we made a deal and we were on the height until the end of the treatment. It is as if you go to a restaurant, you order a dinner and after eating the food, they change the price. To use a technical term, we are pestered. If it has changed, it will be difficult to continue with the race in Austin.“. By this, Ecclestone leaves in doubt the GP for the future…