The crash simulator to 8 km / h that will make you abroches seatbelt

The Convincer is a simulator crash . It was devised by the Connecticut State Police and the University of Hartford – located in the same state – to convince students that at all times use the safety belt . Its operation is simple: mounted on a trailer, has a seat on which a person sits, a seat belt. This seat is mounted on an inclined rail, which stops abruptly after reaching a speed of 5 miles per hour .

A clash at 8 km / h may occur in a park or at a stoplight.

The result is surprisingly violent. Despite the low speed – just 8 km / h for which we use the metric system – the impact shakes the bodies of all who are assembled in The Convincer. The name of this device, by the way, would translate into something like “the convicting” said palabro exist. Several people leave surprised that impact only 8 km / h can be as violent . It is a typical hit in a parking lot or the typical shock low speed range in town.

And without a belt it could cause you very serious injuries, as you can see. Police in Connecticut has also led to the University of Hartford a simulator in which dummies demonstrates what happens when a vehicle overturns and the occupants do not wear seat belts. Everything you see in the video we included below, and that you should not miss. And if I was still in doubt, please, put on the seat belt before even starting the car engine.

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