The creators of the Lykan Hypersport are passed to the sport accessible

The tycoons impregnated in petrodollars are the only ones that have been able to afford the Lykan Hypersport, well, and the Police of Abu Dhabi, which will not go short of cash. Given the acceptance of his first, and exaggerated, sporty, have decided that it is time to make something more mundane, a sport that will be on sale for an approximate price of 50,000 euros.


Great design work for this sport accessible

For the moment we do not know the name of said creation. At the moment it is known as Jannarelly Design-1, since it is the same design studio that was commissioned to create the Lykan and the Zarooq Sand Racer. The view is a roadster two-seater with clear reminiscence of the 50’s and 60’s. A sports lines and pure, that do not cost an eye of the face.

Manufactured from a tubular chassis, bodywork elegantly with aluminum and powered by a twin-turbo V6 from Nissan with 300 HP, this sporty focus on the sensations of driving and not speed more pure. It is a concept more classic and more in keeping with the possibilities of man to walk away.

The idea is to manufacture 30 units. If the company sees that the acceptance is correct it will expand its production to 200 units annually. Sure does, at least, the prospects are good. Thanks in part to some figures of the performance is sensational: from 0 to 100 Km/h in less than four seconds and top speed of 217 Km/h.

If you’re doing mental calculations to be able to compr├írtelo, congratulations, because you will not have to go to the united Arab Emirates so you can buy it. It is expected that the export is worldwide, reaching units to Europe, Asia and the united States. Although you’ll have to wait a bit as that’s not expected to happen until the summer.


A classic style. Beautiful the detail of the windshield without a frame