The creeps! So roars the Corvette Z06 HPE1000 Hennessey and his 1,000 HP supercharged

Hennessey is one of my coaches fetish. These texans are focused on the strengthening mechanics of vehicles americans, and their fame was born with bestial kits of double turbocharging for the Dodge Viper. Since the beginning of the last decade have passed through its hands all types of cars and their latest creation is called Corvette Z06 HPE1000. As its name indicates, it is a Corvette Z06 powered up to 1,000 HP. The wait has been worth it: the sound makes the hairs absolutely tip.

Hennessey has taken almost two years to boost up the 1,000 HP Corvette Z06 engine with LT4.

The kit HPE1000 for the Corvette Z06 includes a new compressor volumetric, which replaces the original compressors of the engine 6.2 V8 LT4, whose power series is already a few respectable 650 HP. The power does not reach the 1000 HP by magic, you will also need a new intercooler, internal components-forged, a new system of feeding of fuel and a completely new exhaust system. From the collector output up to quiet, this stainless-steel system is amazing.

The reasons why it is amazing they are obvious. See the video and tell me that the sound of this Corvette is not the best I have heard in weeks. At idle, its huge four exhaust pipes emit a gurgling reminiscent of a huge muscle car ready to devour your competition. In full voice and in full acceleration, you will release the eardrums if the volume of your speakers is too high. Advised get: Hennessey Corvette Z06 HPE1000 is a machine, vicious, and very radical.

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