The crisis of the TDI: the Volkswagen Group confirms the number of units affected in Spain

683,626 vehicles equipped with diesel engines of the type EA189 Euro5 have been marketed in the Spanish market in recent years. Nearly 700,000 vehicles whose emissions of nitrogen oxides exceeds approval when they are not being subjected to a test cycle. Brands and Volkswagen vehicles affected SEAT , Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles are also known. In a statement a few minutes ago, the Volkswagen Group confirms the number of units affected by brand in our country .

Volkswagen and SEAT the brunt

There are more affected vehicles in Spain than in the US, where 482,000 units “Clean Diesel” were sold.

By number of sales, predictably. Volkswagen has sold 257,479 vehicles affected and SEAT figure at 221,783 units affected . Given the Spanish dieselizaci├│n not surprising that of the 700,000 SEAT globally affected third have been sold in our country. A Audi is the third brand in affected units, with 147,095 vehicles sold. Proportionally to Audi sales compared to those of SEAT or Volkswagen, surprising the large number of units affected by the crisis TDI .

audi-denuncia-volkswagen 37.082 20,187 cars Skoda and Volkswagen commercial vehicles complete the 683,626 vehicles affected. These are official figures, and the Volkswagen Group announced that beginning Saturday October 3 marks were enabled free telephone number that customers can call to find out the status of your vehicle . As usual, the Volkswagen Group emphasizes that vehicles are perfectly safe and ensures assume any costs related to future recall of these vehicles.

Soon we will inform you free phone numbers to which you can call in case of being affected. Remember that the Volkswagen Group is committed to offering a solution to the competent authorities to this crisis before the end of the month . Only then will we know the true extent of this scandal and the technical solution adopted to remedy manufacturers. Until then keep tuned to motor, we will inform you of all that go happening.

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Source: Volkswagen Group
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