The crystal smart Continental that darkens only


tinted glass are an extra that many users are opting to buy a car. The advantage of to reduce the flash of the sun allows passengers a great degree of comfort especially if they are for long trips of summer.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will take place in two weeks in the colourful city of Las Vegas and as usual from the last few years, will be presented news related to the motor world and, how not, Continental will have a very important role in this event.

As advancement has announced the Crystal Intelligent Control. This invention will allow dark glasses of the car in a selective way with the push of a button or using sensors that would activate the crystals automatically to detect glare.


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In the same way, this technology save energy as will maintain a stable temperature inside the vehicle by reducing the work of the climate control, and emissions CO2. It will also make the users to forget sunshades and curtains for the car.

Another of the features of this technology is that darken automatically the interior chen the car is parked saving privacy in the vehicle.

The key to this technology lies in particles embedded in the glass allow the passage of light when they receive a slight electric current and to block it when they do not receive any burden.

This technology is not new, as it has been used in the solar roofs of some cars of high-end, but now it will also be applied in the windows of the vehicle even though for the moment the technology is expensive to apply it to vehicles from mid-range. It is expected to reduce the short-term costs.