The curious examination of driver Daniil Kvyat (video)


┬┐How should be able to fly more than 300 km/h for all the circuits in the world and yet not being able to drive through the streets of your country? Daniil Kvyat knew that feeling until recently. However, and taking advantage of the visit of the Formula 1 to Russia, the Red Bull was examined in Moscow, and no longer dependent on public transportation or someone to take you from one side to the other when he returns home. His team has published a fun video that sees the young rider to face the medical tests, the test and the practical test to get the driver license Russian.

In the images appears Kvyat responding to the questions. Match for yourself who to let pass on a zebra crossing, but you need help for other issues. Finally the test passes with two faults. But the most fun comes when it’s your turn to get behind the wheel. Let see.