The current BMW 5-Series exceeds in almost 50% of the sales of the last generation

BMW Serie 5Mercedes has just launched their new and technological E-Class, a renewed generation that is inspired by the new language of design of the company and sports a design just as elegant but more sporty. Audi maintains its A6 at a good level, a model that continues to give a lot of war in the segment E. The mark of the blades continues to prepare for the arrival of their new 5-Series, being forced to launch a new product and technologically to the height. In addition, if there was not enough pressure, you will have to renew the generation with more sales of the history of this series. And is that the BMW 5-Series F10 has already sold more than two million units.

The current BMW 5-Series has become the 5 Series, the most sold of the history of the brand. Nothing less than 2 million units have been delivered since 2010, year in which was launched this generation. The same model has managed to overcome a 42% sales of the previous Series 5, all of a “refresher” to the model that happened. And is that, in total, have been manufactured since 1972 to approximately 6.5 million units, so the one currently on sale has become by law the most popular among customers.

BMW ActiveHybrid 5

BMW ActiveHybrid 5

According to the German company, the BMW 5-Series has been the segment leader since its launching six years ago. A success that must be in the words of the same brand to the wide range of engines that offer where we can find it from mechanical from four to eight cylinders. Only the past year they managed to close the global sales with slightly less than 350,000 units, a figure which includes the three versions of the family.

The next 5-Series has a tough job ahead. You need, in addition to renewing the current generation, to complete a product very technological and attractive. And is that competition is tight, and will need to continue fighting tirelessly to get equal to this successful generation.

Source – BMW

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