The current Plan PIVE is about to die, and it will be the last

In Plan PIVE was released many years ago by the Government with the aim of boosting sales of cars, stalled after the economic crisis to levels similar to those of the early 90’s. A program of achatarramiento of old vehicles that have been allocated 1.115 million euros since its launch. We’re going for its eighth edition since it was launched at the end of 2012. But everything comes to an end, and Industry announces the end of subsidies. When the current PIVE exhausted his funds, there will not be another.

According to Industry, the Plan PIVE has removed from circulation more than a million cars with an average age of 16 years.

An announcement that we are not caught by surprise, the levels of enrollment will exceed one million cars in 2015, and from ANFAC it is considered that the aid has been sufficient to return the sector to a level of enrollment in line with the GDP per capita of Spain. The director general of Industry – Víctor Audera – ensures that the assistance has accomplished its task. Disappears as well the help of 1,500 euros per car, half of them were provided by the brand, with the government side to give in the income TAX.

renault-kadjar-prueba-mdm-03-1440pxtax collection VAT, Registration Tax and income TAX has greatly exceeded the cost to the state budget. The Plan PIVE 8 – whose budget was 225 million – will recover 69 million only through income TAX, and 1,200 million through the rest of the taxes. Another announcement made by Víctor Audera is that the plans PIVE, PIMA and MOVELE will have their continuity in the future with a joint program, named MOVEA.

This program is intended to support the purchase of vehicles powered by alternative energies, such as electricity, gas, or hydrogen. It is not clear yet if this program would support the purchase of hybrid vehicles or high-efficiency. On the other hand, praised the role of the automobile in the Spanish industry, which according to ANFAC, you could reach the 3 million cars manufactured in Spain in 2015. Last year it produced 2.6 million cars in Spain. The end of aids will have a negative effect on sales in 2016, but it will inflate even more the figures of 2015, which will end in a climax.

plan-pive-04-mdm-1440pxwe’ll See if next year the level of sales is maintained in a comfort zone or does it need an additional incentive to purchase new vehicles.

Source: EP
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