The current Renault Megane RS will continue in production until late 2016


The current Renault Megane RS will continue production until the end of next year, until the arrival of his replacement, who will have five-door body and an output around 300 hp.


Renault-Megane-RS275-Trophy-R E n the context of Motor Show in Frankfurt , we learned that the new Renault Megane will be sold only in five-door body, ie Catalogue disappear coupe and convertible versions, as well as the RS with three-door body .

However, global head of Renault Sport Regis Fricotte , said the current Mégane RS will remain in production until the end of 2016 , until his replacement in the format of fourth generation hits the market. With the new Megane, Renault continues in the line drawn with the current Clio, a model that also left aside the body that had fewer sales to unify their offer based on the five-door model .

Unfortunately for those who like three-door coupe , the idea of ​​eliminating that kind of body be established gradually in most brands, resulting mainly what the public demands which are SUV and hatchback .

Moreover, the upcoming Megane RS will be a five-door that will not put much emphasis on power, but rather in its dynamic behavior, in order to achieve good effectiveness within the track .

Given current levels of power within that segment is located around 300 horsepower , it is expected that the new Megane RS available something 275 hp more than the current model. What is still unknown is whether the drive will like the Clio associated only with an automatic change EDC , or if instead is also offered with a manual transmission.



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