The customers of the Tesla Model 3 should pay for using the network of supercargadores

The Tesla Model 3 is not yet on the market, in fact until you get a lot of time left, because it is not expected before 2019. However the model more youthful, and economic Tesla has already garnered over 370,000 orders from around the world. Eager customers waiting to get it, but now find that the network load will not be free for them.


The Model 3 has not yet reached the market, and will not, in Europe, until 2019

And that’s just the way it has insinuated itself Elon Musk, the founder of the now giant Tesla. What has come to say is that the future owners of the Model 3 will not have access to this free network by the simple fact that your car is more economic than the others. The savings comes when you buy it you must rent to the company to obtain benefits.

To keep Tesla and Elon Musk have developed this strategy of pay-per-use supercargadores. They claim that the cost will be much lower than the refuelling of a conventional car, but that will have to be paid. Even so, customers will benefit from a package purchase that will remove these costs, although it is not known how it will have to pay for it.

The strategy is quite logical. The owner of a Tesla Model S disburses a lot more money than a Model 3, and therefore can never replace the advantages. However surprising that such a strategy has been communicated after accumulating a huge amount of orders, each with $ 1,000 of payment per reservation.

Obviously, both mr. Musk as Tesla considered that the use of the supercargadores is something timely, which in most cases will be used for emergencies or by mere opportunism, with recharge focused in the clients ‘ homes. Anyway, until the Model 3 many things can change and pass.


The customers of Model S and Model X will continue to have a network of charge free