The Dacia (Renault) Duster crashes in testing GlobalNCAP

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Talk of security and Renault, or Dacia, in certain global markets is touching a sensitive subject. The signature of the rhombus has been characterized in the european continent for being one of the safest in. However, when certain models are designed and manufactured to countries of second or third order, things change. Good proof of this is the Renault Kwid, or Clio Mio to India or Mercosur, because their lack of safety was evident when it went through the crash test.

In this case, the model of the group galo who has gone through the crash tests GlobalNCAP has been Renault Duster that is made in the India. This model, in its most basic does not have air bags or certain elements of security yes mounts in other markets of the globe. Suffice it to the comparison between Europe, Latin america, and the indian market as the size of their bags (in the versions that mounted) are different.

The chosen version of the Renault Duster to perform the tests was that of access. After passing the crash test of GlobalNCAP the score you have awarded this model has been 0 stars. This model gets 3 stars according to the protocols of EuroNCAP and 4 according to the LatiNCAP. Surprisingly, although it is already known that Renault designs their models depending on the market where you go to sell, you have obtained such bad results.

After learning of the results, the signature gala, she complained to GlobalNCAP since it is the most easy had get 0 stars. Proposed perform the same test security with the higher version, since it already has an airbag, and certain elements of security. In this case the score has been obtained for 3 stars, although it is still curious the difference between some models and others still, in theory, the same.

Imagine that Renault will be working for the safety of its models continue to be more than worthy. Although we are surprised that there are still models that we throw for earth all work carried out in certain markets. Hopefully, when you replace these models, the safety of the substitutes is exactly the same than the one they sell in our continent.

Source – GlobalNCAP

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