The Dacia Sandero european and south take different paths

For a model that can be sold at a relatively low cost, has to sacrifice many aspects. One of them is the design, then have lines and shapes nothing gimmicky and simple. The reason behind this reason has to do with the production costs that you need to take to bring it to the assembly line, because a complicated design means investing more money in machinery, and consequently, in a higher unit cost at the time of manufacture and sell.

Until now, Dacia has had a design policy is simple and logic. All their models, regardless of the logo that will carry on grill and trunk, had the same design. With this measure it is ensured that in a same production line assemble the units that were destined to all markets in which they are marketed at the lowest possible cost. However, with the next generation of the Sandero it seems that this policy of unified design is going to break.

As is apparent from the images that have leaked of the Patent Office of Brazil, the next generation of Dacia (or Renault) Sandero that will be marketed in South america, will have a different design to the one that will have the version for the Old Continent. In this area of the world, the urban areas of the firm Romanian enjoys good health, and sales, so it is not surprising that Renault want to give a qualitative jump to their best selling models.

design of the front maintains the features of family which we know already in the current range of Dacia, but it is in the back where they are concentrated the greatest number of changes. In this area, the pilots in the rear are of unique design, which seem to resemble at the top, which leads the current generation of the Mégane. On the whole, are a mixture to that of the veteran Citroën C4 and Megane, although, as is logical, the visual load is reserved to the area that is outside of the tailgate.

As is logical, the cosmetic changes that affect the Sandero “normal” will also come to the version Stepway. In addition, to accentuate the slope all the way, will include a few tweaks extra, like a bumper redesign, alloy wheels of different design or new colors. The rest of technical elements, mechanical and equipment should be maintained intact with respect to the Sandero from which it stems.

Other technical details that have leaked after this leak, is that the new Sandero will feature electric power steering and will employ a new automatic gearbox CVT Xtronic (Nissan) that is already used in other models of the brand. The range mechanics, as far as is known, will remain the same that power the current urban house Romanian.

need to be attentive to the latest news of Dacia to know if at the last moment it will unify the aesthetic line, or if the division is total. In getting to know the rest of the details of the model should not take much, because his replacement will not take long to become official.

Source – Autoblog

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