The Daihatsu Copen wins versions Shooting Brake and Coupé

Thanks to the use of interchangeable panels, the Daihatsu Copen wins two new variants of bodywork which for the moment will debut as a prototype at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Daihatsu-Copen-Shooting-Brake-Concept-1Andl Daihatsu Copen is a nice kei car since some months ago is marketed in your format of the second generation in the japanese market. It is characterized by its extensive customization options, thanks to the use of body panels interchangeable, which allows variations of style that primarily affect the front.

But now Daihatsu has gone a step beyond, with two new prototypes that will be taking the next Tokyo Auto Salon that will take place next month. It comes in two new versions, which modify substantially their rear, transforming it in a Coupe and a Shooting Brake.

Daihatsu-Copen-Shooting-Brake-Concept-2The modifications were obtained thanks to the modification of the rear panel, which in the case of the Coupe add a hardtop-format curved with a C-pillar well-inclined, a discreet spoiler and a few new rear lights of circular format, that in a way that reminds of the Alfa Romeo 4C.

Using the same method, the Shooting Brake it also adds a hardtop, but format flat topped in a spoiler, tailgate, optical groups of rectangular format and a few bumpers of specific format.

Daihatsu-Copen-Coupe-Concept-2in Addition every one of them uses a design of alloy wheels specific and a format well-differentiated, thanks to the use of a design of round headlights for the Coupe and more dynamic in the Shooting Brake, in addition to barbecue grills and fog lamps are specific to each one of them.

By the time Volvo did not confirm whether these two variants will reach production, but taking into account that already have a extensive customization program, possibly both versions make it to the market.