The daily abuse that your suspension suffers daily, in video. Will you skip over that ledge?

Our roads are increasingly deteriorated, and we drive normally over bumps and speed humps. We know that wear out the suspension of our car and cause failures that can be really expensive. As you have been told how you need to go over the bumps and what to do if a pothole damages your car. But maybe you think that we are a little bit exaggerated, it really is not for both. The video that we are going to show you today will eliminate all your doubts, and teach you the abuse that our sleep suffers daily.

It is impressive to see the abuse to which the suspension of a car is subjected every day.

The video has been recorded by Chris Fix, one of the best channels auto YouTube. Is a channel teaching, focused on maintenance tasks of the car that you can do. Chris has recently purchased a pick-up Mazda BT-50, with about 200,000 miles. Its rear suspension was very worn, and needs new shock absorbers. Has placed cameras in the underside of the car, and has been given to the road to show us how these components move in a normal driving by city, highway and freeway.

suspensión-pick-upIs an opportunity that rarely has a point of view really is unique of what happens under our car. A pick-up employs a schema of the rear suspension somewhat different to a car, with leaf springs in combination with shock absorbers. A simpler system, but not so different to the ubiquitous rear axles rigid than many compact and utility vehicles european use. Be that as it may, the aim of this video is concienciaros the dangers of driving with shock absorbers worn-out and move-in highlights fast.

The difference between a rear shock worn out and a new set of tires is obvious. From night to day.

it Is impressive to see the movement and constant agitation to which all components are subjected to, especially on a road that’s bumpy. The whole rear axle moves dramatically when Chris is accelerating or braking, and everything shakes when it passes over a raised. Imagine that abuse, for years and years of driving. do they not deserve your car you pass more slowly over the speed hump? differences with rear shocks new are really visible from the first moment.

The car feels much more firm and doesn’t bounce as much, giving a lot more control the driver. The rear axle flexes a lot less when accelerating and the car “floats” over the bumps. The axle assembly and rear suspension continues to stir every time you pass by bumpy parts, but to a lesser extent. In short, a different way of seeing how important it is to have a suspension in good condition (see article: how to detect that your shock absorbers are worn-out) and drive with respect to the mechanics of the car.