The Dakar 2016 in figures… (and in video)


Two weeks separate us from the start of the Dakar 2016 and the category begins to heat engines. The raid more hard of the world, has published a dossier with the figures and statistics more remarkable, united to the video of the official presentation. Two ways to get the long teeth and feasting before the start of the actual competition, which will have a total of 556 competitors, divided into 354 vehicles. 143 bikes, 46 quads, 110 cars and 55 trucks. All participants played an average of 4.588 kilometres against the clock of half the length and breadth of Argentina and Bolivia.

France is the country with more participants in the Dakar, with Holland and Argentina in their wake. In regards to our country, there are a total of 39 enrolled Spanish. 11 will compete in the category of cars and 8 trucks (pilots and co-pilots). In addition there will be 3 pilots in quad and 17 motards. Rosa Romero, Laia Sanz and Covadonga Fernández will be 3 of the 10 women enrolled in the trial, leaving the national flag high. Stéphane Peterhansel with five titles in a car and six motorcycles, irrigated by 65 stage victories, it is the pilot’s most successful Dakar. Sheldon Creed is the youngest, and Yoshimasa Sugawara the most veteran.

The margin of the pure competition, the Dakar is a machinery well-oiled. Without going more far, with 17 points of fuel supply, 70 zones of safety for spectators and 150 vehicles of the organization between cars, helicopters, airplanes, cargo trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles. And at the human level has a field hospital with 60 doctors. 22,000 people ensure the safety of spectators and competitors, while in the bivouac of 10,000 square metres are given to 7,000 meals by stage and 80,000 throughout the rally.