“The dark side of Japan”: Yamaha has prepared a new MT

Yamaha has prepared a new surprise, a surprise that will be revealed in only a week and that looks pretty tempting. For now we only know that will be part of the family MT… and which is inspired by “the dark side of Japan”.

What is hidden behind this new Yamaha MT? It is still an entire unknown:

In the video posted by Yamaha not looks to feature any aesthetic, and of course we also don’t know any detail mechanical although the japanese firm if it lets us glimpse already a profile quite radical.

“A large explosion is imminent”… we hope to impatient discover that there are after this first teaser, that new Yamaha MT we have prepared the mark of the tuning forks, what is the time to get to know the successor of the Yamaha MT-01?

Remember that, currently, the range MT Yamaha passes through the Yamaha MT-125, Yamaha MT-07 and Yamaha MT-09 in addition to the variants derived from these models, the MT-09 Tracer, MT-09 Street Rally, MT-09 Sport Tracker and the MT-07 Moto Cage.

Video preview of Yamaha: