The day came: Motorsport Manager is now available for PC

launch Trailer of Motorsport Manager. Already available on PC and MAC via Steam.

Although with some delay, as we anticipated few days ago, is now available for Motorsport Manager for PC. From today November 10th, you can download via Steam the PC version of this popular simulator of sports management. With a price of€34.99, the PC version of Motorsport Manager is something more than a simple “port” of the mobile platforms.

Playsport Games, the developer behind Motorsport Manager, has created a totally new experience. And is that the graphic engine and, in short, the game has been created from scratch. According to the “feedback” of the players, the study has sought to improve the weak points to the couple that introduce new options to create a title still more complete.

¿What we offer Motorsport Manager? The management simulator sports car allows us to to build our own team of Formula 1. We will have to hire pilots and engineers, to design the tactics for the race as well as take decisions to evolve the car, or to find settings that give us a greater advantage during races.


After their success on mobile platforms (Android and iOS), Motorsport Manager comes to the “platform king”.

If you’ve ever imagined how it would be manage a team of Formula 1, or any other category of single-seaters, Motorsport Manager is a good choice, because within its category is the title that best reviews it has obtained and that a greater number of players has managed to gather. For our part, we are already testing the game and soon we will publish a full analysis for give you know what seems to us the new title created by Playsport Games.

on the other hand, if you are thinking to get the game but don’t know whether your PC or Mac or Linux can make it work with ease, I advise that you take a look at the minimum requirements of the Motorsport Manager. I anticipate that requires a lot of RAM and disk space.

Windows and MAC users can now download and play to Motorsport Manager. For his part, that make use of Linux will have to wait a time. For the moment Playsport Games and SEGA are still without a point when you will have place the launch of the Linux version of the game.