The dci engines Renault could disappear in the medium term

Renault dciAfter many years in which the diesel engines have campado at ease by the european market it seems that they are going to put a cap in not much time. After the Dieselgatand of the Volkswagen Group it seems that the authorities environmental of Europe and great part of the world have realized the fatal error that he was committing to the favor of these mechanics, with respect to the worst looks of gas.

it is True that the engines in diesel are much more frugal that of gasoline, but their level of technical complexity and the cost design and manufacture a motorization of these features make it less profitable to bet on them. To this must be unirle the hardening of the regulations anti-pollution, which means that in a short period of time, the mechanical diesel will have to adapt again, and again increasing the cost of development and manufacturing.

Renault Clio 2016 restylingOne of the industrial groups that has committed to the development of mechanical diesel in Europe is the Renault-Nissan Alliance, creating a compelling range, and with consumption very content. However, to adapt to the next standard Euro 6c going to be a new twist to their engines, making your cost to grow. This increased cost must be borne by someone, and of course the brand drop-side consumer.

Obviously, this increase in costs will result in a greater period of amortisation by making the customer think about too much if you are willing to buy a model with motor gasoline or diesel. We must remember that some segments are already abandoning the diesel in favor of the gasoline, as the urban micro and urban. This progressive abandonment could be extended to the segment C, the highest number of sales in Europe and the more cash it provides to the manufacturers.

if so, according to Reuters, Thiery Bolloré the chief of the competitiveness of Renault has doubts about the continuity of the diesel engine above all in the segments B and C. In this way it is very likely that the range of mechanical diesel of the alliance suffer a restructuring in the medium term, giving way to mechanical hybrid or other alternatives. In this way there will be a push to improve the range of gasoline and to develop new mobility alternatives for the lower ranges of the group.

Source – Reuters

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