The decline of Gabriele Tarquini and Yvan Muller in the WTCC


Talk about the World of passenger Cars is to do it ‘Pechito’ López, Citroën,
Honda or Lada, but also of Norbert Michelisz or Mehdi Bennani. However,
if there are two names that can link to the WTCC are those of Gabriele Tarquini and Yvan Muller. The two pilots, veterans of the
WTCC have 11 and 12 seasons at their backs in the category, having
joined between the two five world titles. However, the start of the
season 2016 is making clear that all good things come to an end.
decline of Tarquini and Muller is a reality

Much time has passed since the title won by
Gabriele Tarquini in 2009 with Seat Sport
. Since then it has passed by Sunred and
Honda, to join the opposition in 2016 in the team Lada Sport Rosneft. The dilated
experience the Italian has been the determining factor
at the time of joining
the Russian team, all time you the training you need to develop successfully, promptly and
once and for all, the Lada Vesta WTCC. The presence of Tarquini united
the fact of being the first season in which the team does not change from car
has taken its toll on the performance of the Lada Vesta

However, the importance of Gabriele Tarquini at the level of
development has not moved to runway
. After six races, the Italian has only
scored on two occasions and has been regularly slower than their peers
, at least in the race. In fact, Nicky Catsburg with the Lada Vesta sum
already two podiums and, more importantly, he has competed in real-world conditions
for pole and for victory in any moment of the season so far.
For his part, Hugo Valente in his first year as a pilot officer is also being more regular than Tarquini.


This situation seems to be deranged in some way
Gabriele Tarquini, who at certain moments has committed blunders, same
feeling that is palpable in the case of Yvan Muller
, fellow sufferer of
Tarquini in the WTCC since 2006. The French rider, who was able to win four
titles with Seat Sport, Chevrolet and RML, it has been found eclipsed in Citroën
. Despite having the best car, in no time has managed to
beat ‘Pechito’ Lopez, the star pop-up in the championship, and that already adds two
titles with the Citroën C-Elysée after being the dominator of the category.

This lack of ownership has led to Yvan Muller to lose
your spark
, to make mistakes and in general, to be lacking in confidence.
In fact, in this start of the season in the Citroën C-Elysée have been
and are burdened with 80 kilos of extra weight, Yvan Muller has shown a
sinking important psychological
the not fit a car with that
‘Pechito’ Lopez is a leader and has managed to win. In fact, Yvan Muller sum
little more than half the points that ‘Pechito’ after three races, with a background
a podium that tastes of very little

it Seems evident that Tarquini and Muller should rethink your
future in the WTCC
. With more and more problems to be competitive, 2016 may
to be the year of the farewell of two pilots with a history of more
of 30 years. And both have the opportunity to close out their stage in the World
Cars in a very dignified manner
, since that Gabriele Tarquini can finish his career
leaving the Lada Vesta WTCC as a car competitive, while Yvan Muller
you can hide behind in the march of Citroën Racing to finish their days
competition. Reasons are not lacking, see if they are the sufficient reason.