The decline of road casualties is at a standstill in Spain are due to the mobile?


The problem of cell phones behind the wheel is nothing new, it began with SMS, and today, is for any application – Photo: Jason Weaver (Flickr) CC BY

According to the General Directorate of Traffic, between 1 January and 18 November have died on Spanish roads 1.003, within the first 24 hours. In the same period of 2014, the account was going for 999. January and February have been two months very bad in terms of accidents.

There are factors that make inevitable an increase of the loss ratio, the improvement of the economic situation and the steep descent of the fuel. If there are more vehicles on the road, it is more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident. But let’s look beyond, what is avoidable.

¿What infringements are most frequent? A recent report of the DGT speaks to us of excess speed, not wearing seat belt/helmet, and a poor maintenance (of the immobilization of the vehicle). The first thing is to grab it with tweezers, only 13% of those sanctioned by the “run” exceeded the limit by 20 km/h!


Find us with the Civil Guard after having been caught “in fraganti” is not pleasant, but it is possible that we are doing a favor for the future

Lately server do a lot of kilometres, more than I’m used to, and there is a violation that I find especially troubling: look at and/or touching the little screen of the phone. It’s most often seen in cars at a standstill or at low speed, but we can also find a unconscious looking at a screen or tablet in place. Yes, it sounds like.

These behaviors are more dangerous than carrying a mobile phone on the ear, without hands free, when today any device by Bluetooth is worth 50 euro or even less. The fine it costs eight times more. It is something I do not understand.

today’s society is dumbed-down by the mobile phone

Although not what we are manipulating in march, the sounds of the notifications can disturb our concentration. How many people are responsible enough to keep the phone in the glove compartment, with Bluetooth enabled to the “hands-free”, and all notifications to silent?


Since we are going to use the mobile phone also, at least that is more secure and compatible with the driving, reducing distractions

The safety of cars has increased quite a bit, and take to the roads, sometimes coming up with systems that prevent fatigue, distractions mild or the lack of reflexes to the curb. But it has not yet been invented any system that we avoid being an idiot in technology.

In the absence of a study that proves scientifically my theory, the stagnation of the accident has to be related to mobile phones. manufacturers are concerned, seek to steer some of that information to the infotainment system or the dashboard, in a controlled way.

And why? Sure you what you ask. Because with or without this improvement in comfort technology, it will also use of the applications in question, but more dangerous. There is a minority percentage of drivers who believe that it is a complete nonsense the Android Auto, CarPlay or MirrorLink. Others are going to help them survive.


No application can stop you from being reckless. The technology is there to use it with head

As a driver, there are times that the phone stresses me out considerably. My car has a radio-CD very sencillita, with a line of text monochrome, almost everything can be controlled with the buttons on the steering wheel. Does not allow me to distract myself. I use the mobile without any notification, if you call me I will give you account, and I don’t have to move your hands off the wheel to hang up or pick up.

That should be the minimum in the conduction of modern

sometimes I think that the Civil Guard should be fined automatically to all who do not keep the phone safe while driving, lack of a support to keep it in view, but away from the hands.

Because there are pedestrians that have opened up gaps in the head for wanting to ram a lamp-post. Went looking at the mobile. how Many victims of that thousand provisional did the same thing?

the reality of The traffic can change a lot in a single second. A look innocent to the screen can become in accident. We would not continue contributing to the “toll” of human technology. The mobile, to the glove compartment or the hood central, silenced, and with Bluetooth. All of the notifications you can expect to end up driving, right?