The defeat of the F1 in open


The F1 closes an era in Spain after more than a decade of emissions in open. From the season 2016, the Formula 1 World championship can only be followed through the payment platform Movistar +, that represents a new model of television that many users are not willing to take. But what is the Formula 1 cost-effective? hearings harvested by the Group Atresmedia in 2015 demonstrate that the parting of the F1 in open is a logical step and that the product is not as attractive as it was half a decade.

The Formula 1 began airing in the open in Spain in 2004, just after the first victory of Fernando Alonso. The success achieved by the spaniard and his two world titles in 2005 and 2006 made the F1 a product very attractive in Spain. The audiences in these two seasons and in 2007, when he fought for the title until the last race, were simply spectacular, with peaks of 45% of the share. The audiences of each of the Grand Prize of over 5 million viewers and ‘minute’ gold from the races more and more crucial gathered in front of the television to more than 8.4 million fans.

despite the rebound experienced in 2010 and 2013, it is certain that F1 has gone down hill and in our country, at least in terms of audience. The last two seasons are the clear sample of it. In 2014, the average share of the Formula 1 in our country was 32.2%, while in 2015, the screen quota has fallen to 21.9%. In numbers more simple, the last season of Formula 1 in the open by Atresmedia has had a total audience of 39 million viewers, while 2014 saw almost 60 million.


This free fall in the hearing of the F1, and in general in the interest in a category in which Fernando Alonso is far from shine and Carlos Sainz is taking its first steps across the front with the emergence of a single proposed payment for the viewing of the races. Movistar + you will have to do things very well if you want to convert the F1 into a profitable product, a possibility which is really complicated by the high prices that they have the rights to broadcast. To correct this downward trend in the hearings will be the main challenge of the payment platform.

A trend that not only draw in Spain, but also in other countries of great tradition like France, Germany or Great Britain, but also in emerging markets such as China. The drop in audience is a problem for F1 at the global level. By way of brief overview, the Formula 1 lost about 50 million viewers in the 2013 season, a trend that has repeated in the last two seasons. The World of Motorcycling or even the Formula And in the U.S. have had a better audience data.