The definitive explanation of the MAC3 of the WTCC


The video game RaceRoom has been the platform of choice to explain once and for all, the complete operation of the MAC3, the new session with a form of ‘team time trial’, which introduces the WTCC this season. This session will take place during the Saturday and will be held after the classification. By way of summary, three riders of each brand will compete side by side for two laps to the path -except in the Nordschleife – to complete the best time and beat the other manufacturers. The winning brand will score 10 points in the constructors, by the 8 the second and 6 the third.

we Only speak of three manufacturers that the Citro├źn, Lada and Honda will be the only ones who will be able to take part of the MAC3, because Chevrolet is not competing as official manufacturer in the WTCC for several years and the newcomer Volvo has only on track two S60 TC1 Polestar, by their lack of a third unit to be able to play the MAC3. In this way, and calculator in hand, Volvo will begin this weekend, the WTCC at Paul Ricard with a downside minimum of 72 points in relation to the worst of the builders. A whole slab for the brand.

In any case, the registration of the three riders who will compete in the MAC3 should be performed prior to the completion of the checks (Friday), so that the pilots chosen will have to be careful not to damage his car during qualifying. Tras Q3, we will only allow the refuelling and change of tyres before his dispute, which will be performed in the reverse order of the constructors at the start of each event. Each manufacturer will have a back exit, and you must align your vehicle parallel to the line of departure. Is counted as the time recorded when the three riders crossing the finish line after two laps.