The DeLorean DMC-12 2017 will enter production in December


the resurrection of The famous vehicle of timeless design is still in process. The manufacturer will be a short roll of new vehicles according to the original design that’s so famous it became, good and to be the the protagonist of the saga Back to the Future also helped. Although you will receive a series of improvements, among which includes correcting the problems that had the original. Each time the manufacturer publishes the news of your project.

the choice of The supplier for the propeller it is now between two candidates. Without revealing names, only details that in both cases, they are engines of at least the double of power than the original unit and + 135 Nm of maximum torque. We talk about thrusters more modern more than 260 HP and 342 Nm of torque united to a manual change of five speeds. The DeLorean DMC-12 was mounted on a block V6 of 2.9 liters whose original specifications were 130 HP and 207 Nm of maximum torque.

Along with the new engine block you will find a welcome upgrade your braking system and tires. The manufacturer seems to have found a supplier for the brakes located in Detroit, as well as another for tires and wheels in size 17 and 18-inch.


on the other hand will update various parts of a vehicle for to improve the quality of the same and delete the mistakes of the past. For example, the chassis will be built in another material since the original is not faced only too well the time allowing, making it oxidara with relative ease.

The same thing happened with the electrical system of the vehicle. Shocked that a vehicle of a design so futuristic signed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the wiring original was of such poor quality that it deteriorated very easily, and it gave rise to constant problems. In the new model are not the same thing will occur.

As you already know, the new DeLorean will return this year in a short production of 300 units at a price which will be about 100,000 euros.