The demo of Gran Turismo Sport is now available

Demo de Gran Turismo Sport

The demo of Gran Turismo Sport is now available in the PlayStation Store.

The arrival of Gran Turismo Sport to the game stores is imminent. Its launch is just around the corner and to whet your appetite, the guys at Polyphony Digital have released the official demo of the game. Yes, it will be available for a limited time so, if you want to have a first contact with the new installment of the popular video game series driving, you’ll have to give you a rush.

a demo of Gran Turismo Sport can already be downloaded and will be available from today, day 9 to 12 of October. If you have the game reserved, or you’re determined to get a copy, you should know that all the money you earn within the demo (up to $ 1 million) may be transferred subsequently to the full title after its official launch, as we know, will occur October 18th.

The content of the demo will be quite full, which will allow you to get an in-depth view of some of the new features of Gran Turismo Sport. The new “matchmaking” system you can already try. To find online rivals that resemble much of our level, which result in racing more equal and competitive. In short, a better online game experience.

Demo de Gran Turismo Sport

The demo of Gran Turismo Sport will be available only from 9 to 12 October.

To start the demo, players will have the opportunity to try the following game modes: Sport, Campaign, Arcade, Landscapes, and the Editor of Custom Designs. Let’s detail some of the main features of all of them:

  • Sport Mode. The player will be able to demonstrate their speed to achieve the fastest lap time. At the end of the qualifying sessions, the test becomes a battle in which will meet riders of a similar level and thus to ensure a career fair and competitive.
  • Campaign Mode. We can improve our driving skills through various challenges and missions and build up experience on the circuits. As we complete the various tests and daily workouts we will be able to unlock new cars, earn game money and experience points with which to improve our profile of a driver and garage staff.
  • Arcade Mode. This game mode will feature several classes of vehicles in three configurations of the circuit are preselected on different types of terrain. We can use all kinds of resources of driving like braking or hitting of the steering wheel. We will also have the chance to compete against a friend offline in the classic mode of split-screen for two players.
  • Mode Landscapes. It is the ideal choice for you to truly appreciate the mechanism of HDR the real and the techniques of processing based on the physical. Location of each photo contains all the information of the light energy of the scene and, therefore, allows you to position your car customized in hundreds of real places.
  • Design Editor. We will have at our disposal a tool to give a personal touch thanks to the many different designs of logos. We may also change the color of the car, wheels, mirrors, hood, spoilers, and many more items.