The design of the BMW M5 G30 is filtered in the network


A leak has left the network a couple of images that show us the bumper of the new generation BMW M5 (G30). After the official debut of the new BMW 5 Series fans of the Bavarian count the hours to know how will be the the production version of the more radical of the new saloon. Thanks to such images we can get a better idea of how this will be its final aspect, and that we anticipated their main features.

The front looks more like content than that of their brethren, the BMW M2, M3 and M4, something less aggressive than in previous generations while respecting your new and elegant body. Is to be differentiated from the rest of the production versions and lower performance thanks to a bumper more muscular but a priori, at least seeing this single image, it seems that we will miss something of boldness in their lines.


As you might expect, the lag is still as powerful as in the rest of the range BMW ///M. Muscular fenders with lines of tension too marked, catadióptricos in a vertical position situated at the ends, prominent rear diffuser and the hole on both sides of this to put four exhaust outlets. From this angle will not give rise to doubts about its position in the range, even more so when you emerge from it a sound each time you depress the accelerator pedal.

with Respect to the section mechanical we still do not have exact figures. Up to the time we know your heart will be the well-known block 4.4-liter V8 of the current generation but evolved to produce a power that is an estimated 600 HP of maximum, as do their rivals, far surpassing the performance of the BMW M5 current.

In this new generation of the radical sportscar will come with all-wheel-drive xDrive serial and automatic change of dual-clutch M-DCT for the management of its immense power. Until there is official information yet, there is the possibility of maintaining the propulsion for the more experienced and daring behind the wheel, like the manual switching.