The design of the new Hyundai Santa Cruz is already definitive

Hyundai Santa Cruz Frontal Hyundai Santa Cruz was presented as a concept in the Salon de Detroit 2015. With this prototype, Hyundai is stuck squarely in the segment of the pick-ups, one of the best sales record in other markets of the world. Such is the case of the us where the pick-ups, as the Ford F Series, rise year after year as the model preferred by the consumers of the country of the opportunities.

however, since the submission of the Hyundai Santa Cruz, as a concept, to its final approval, he had to spend a year, since Hyundai has taken care of very well hit with your model. To do this, the Santa Cruz is based on the modern platform of the recent Tucson. This will allow the model to provide high levels of security and versatility, as the SUV Hyundai has chassis mono-hull and independent rear suspension.

Trasera Hyundai Santa Cruzonce decided on the platform, on which will sit the new Santa Cruz, it is likely that Hyundai chose to reveal the final model in the next Salon International Auto in Detroit, January 2017. In this way, the model could be in the u.s. market in the first or second semester of 2018.

The employment of this platform makes sense that the new Hyundai Santa Cruz will use aesthetic elements in common with the Tucson, as a few headlamps with Led technology (in option), or the typical calender hex of the signature. In addition, the rear lights will be similar, as the concept Santa Cruz saved a lot of similarity with those of the Tucson and therefore, would not be unreasonable that your configuration is similar.

Faro frantal Hyundai TucsonWith respect to the range mechanics, the brand has not yet confirmed the engines that will be the new Hyundai Santa Cruz. The reason would be in the final choice of the markets that will be targeted, as the mechanical diesel are not the most demanded in the american market. However, if you dare to throw it in Europe, should count with this fuel as the tip of the spear, but, it could become a failure.

all in all, it is less to know the final design of the new pick up of Hyundai and if you have thought to throw in Europe for our enjoyment.

Source – Hyundai