The development of the Audi Q8 has already been started and a proof of that are these spy photos

Audi Q8 - foto espía

Under this mule testing, it hides the future Audi Q8.

not many years we will witness in the first person, the ultimate expression of the luxury and exclusivity of the range Q-Audi. And we can tell you thanks to these spy photos that the development of the Audi Q8 has already been started. In particular, in these spies, we can see the first mule of evidence that the engineers of Audi have taken to strolling to perform different test on the road.

And is, no doubt, under this Audi Q7 we can see in the spy photos here is hidden the future Q8. In what we rely? As you can see in the pictures, this mule account testing with a greater track width with few defenses much more spacious. Despite this, we must still be very cautious as the Audi Q8 final will be totally different to what we see in these spy photos.

level of image, will save a great relationship with the new Audi A8, a model that is also being renovated and that we recently published some spy photos of its development. It will be in the front of the Audi Q8 where we find a greater similarity with the above-mentioned A8. Even so, as we have said, we are before a first mule of evidence. The project still has a long way to go.

Audi Q8 - foto espía

The Audi Q8 will be the model’s most luxurious and exclusive of the range Q-Audi.

when the (mechanic, we can expect a range of engines very similar to the one currently used by the Audi Q7. Obviously, we have a very wide range in which there will be gasoline engines, diesel and even a hybrid variant. Some of these blocks will be the V6 and V8 diesel engines that Audi is developing jointly with Porsche.

Especially the hybrid variant plug-in that was used as an internal combustion engine than a gas. It will be the same hybrid system found in the Porsche models, and that, in the case of the Audi Q8 will allow you to enjoy a range of 56 kilometers in a mode of purely electrical.

¿When will be presented the new Audi Q8? it is Still too early to venture a specific date on the coming-of-age of this new SUV from Audi. Yes, bearing in mind that we’re still at the “mid” of 2016 and that the first mules of tests have already been seen, it would not be unreasonable to expect a presentation to the end of next year 2017 or even early 2018. In any case, the Audi Q8 will be in dealerships by the end of this decade.