The DGT could allow examined in the driving licence without parking

Park Assist Volvo XC90it is increasingly common to find cars with systems, assisted parking. This functionality has democratized a lot with the passing of the years, thanks to brands such as Ford who bet on it free of series in many of its models or in the main finishing of the same. The DGT has already been pronounced on these systems and the possibility of obtaining a driving licence special.

Has been Mary Kept, the director of the DGT, who has commented that, in the future, with amendment of the regulations, it may be possible to examined the driving licence without the requirement of knowing how to park. It is expected that in a future in which the technologies of assisted parking are most popular, who is going to drive a car equipped with these technologies, you can obtain your driving licence with more ease.

Nuevo BMW Serie 7 2016

THE BMW 7 Series can be done from outside the vehicle thanks to its smart key

Obviously, this new, and still hypothetical mode of the driving licence would have a few limitations. Those who get their license without the need to park on the exam will only be able to park by making use of systems-assisted parking, since otherwise they could be fined. What is more similar to that found in the Spanish legislation is the driving licence for automatic cars, which only allows you to drive cars with automatic gearbox. In this last case, driving a car with manual transmission would be like driving without a driver’s license, with the sanctions that this might lead to.

For the time being, relating to the assistance systems parking DGT only regulates some requirements that have to comply in terms of its configuration, set by the Economic Commission of the United Nations for Europe (UNECE) and not allowing the maneuver, from the beginning to the end, be more than 15 meters in length. For cases in which the vehicle can park without the driver in the interior, as the new BMW 7-Series, it is not allowed to exceed 5 km/h and the driver will need to be at least four metres distance from the vehicle to control the situation.

Source – DGT