The DGT could increase to 130 Km/h speed in highways

DGT 130 kmh autovías

I Still remember as if it were yesterday, which is bundled when by the fault of the last “energy crisis” (between comillo because it really was not such a) reduced the speed limit of our highways and expressways to 110 miles per hour. Everyone was complaining that it did not help to save fuel and that only served as a populist and pro-savings. However I also remember as or people on foot, or the forces of law and order in charge of monitoring the speed managed to keep it.

At that time the measure was proposed by a government, and now comes from the hand of another, another measure. In this case the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) it has changed hands and after Maria Seguí has reached the position D. Gregorio Serrano López. In this case Serrano Lopez next to D. Juan Ignacio Zoido, Minister of the Interior, they would be thinking of to increase the speed limit in our highways and freeways from the current 120 kilometres an hour to 130 kilometers per hour.

DGT 130 kmh autovías

the Minister of The Interior tomorrow, will appear in the Congress of Deputies to explain what would be the basic lines to carry out this measure. According to the director of the DGT modify the speed limit to the upside is not a question of personal ideas but to study how they have evolved, the cars and the roads over the last twenty or thirty years and therefore could increase the limit even though it states that it will not be for all sections of highways and expressways.

Also explained that this measure will not be made today for tomorrow. Serrano Lopez has explained that you have to talk with all parties involved so that each expose their ideas on the measure and once agreed upon would be implemented. Meanwhile during this christmas, the DGT provides for new controls of speed and alcohol to watch that we don’t get out of the way-marking.

Source – Directorate General of Traffic (DGT)