The DGT expects our cars control via GPS (but not spy on us)

The eCall is poised to become a standard feature, mandatory in all new vehicles. Indeed its introduction in new models approved in Europe will occur in the month of October, to become mandatory for all newly registered passenger cars in 2018. A few months ago and we told all the details about eCall, its importance when immediacy meet with an accident, which is vital to save lives; and how it will be based on a connection GPRS and SMS , setting an emergency call to 112; and a locator GPS , will facilitate our position. But that’s not all, the DGT and look forward to the future, and how all our cars will be permanently connected and located in the “cloud”. Whereupon they wanted to clarify the matter, avoid suspicion, and remind us that this has become a “Big Brother” no, in which DGT watch us and control at all times .

eCall mandatory in 2018: the emergency call that could save your life, in 10 questions and answers

Regarding eCall, we do not think it necessary to clarify once again that work solely in the event of an accident . The possibility of using the emergency call system for controlling a vehicle there. The goal, clarified the DGT immediacy is to meet with an accident (see note Europa Press). Remember that these minutes those seconds can be vital when treat the wounded.

The eCall also aims to avoid such dramatic events like the couple who crashed in Scotland a few weeks ago. The couple remained wounded, or dead, for three days, waiting for a rescue that came too late (news BBC ). In any case, it seems that this accident converged Scotland also other factors like some serious organizational failures emergency services.


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The connected car is the next step

The DGT also talks about how the connected car and geo permanently revolutionize road safety . And again clarifying that this technology will not be used to spy and monitor drivers, for Big Brother, establishes some possible limits that arise from time. After the connected car a useful tool for the exchange of information between vehicles, so that they can be enhanced endless driving aids technology hides. If cars were connected to each other, and also with an infrastructure that mediates, we could get more accurate and updated information about specific eventualities, as an obstacle on the road, or deductions.

If traffic could maintain control of these vehicles on the road, they could develop predictions and analysis in real-time traffic would help to avoid withholding and better distribute the flow of vehicles. But in any case, all these systems would rely on the anonymity of the driver.

dgt-control-gps-03 The only aspect in which a possible break of anonymity arises would be one in which the driver voluntarily opted allow the insurer to control the vehicle information . Thus, the insurer can measure, by actual parameters, how safe we ​​are, how many kilometers we travel and so on. So the ability to access cheaper insurance policies would open.

The next step, undoubtedly, would be autonomous car . But that still will have to wait a few years …

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eCall mandatory in 2018: the emergency call that could save your life, in 10 questions and answers

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