The DGT is launched to hunt for drivers not wearing the seat belt

DGT cinturónSince Volvo revolutionized the security in the automotive industry, with the safety belt three points, no brand has been able to invent any other mechanism of security and retention that can match it in effectiveness. The first model in the world in the safety belts as standard equipment was the Volvo Amazon, and that 60 years ago more or less.

however, neither his effectiveness nor the commendable work to minimize the number of deaths on the roads can be with the “bad head” of the people. This is what we say because today unfortunately many people lose their lives on the road by not wearing a seat belt. According to the DGT the past year, this number rose to 180 persons representing 23 percent of the total number of deaths on our roads.

DGT cinturón cámarastherefore, since the agency is dependent on the Ministry of Interior has just launched a campaign to raise awareness among drivers of the use of the belt. This campaign will be conducted in the following manner. By 222 cameras located on conventional roads and expressways detected drivers to take or not take the belt. If the camera detects a driver without belt, during the first month during this campaign, there you will fine the infringer, but yes you are apercibirá to be aware of the risk.

This campaign, in addition to focus on the use of safety belts by drivers and front passengers also have another intention. This is no more nor less than to control that the children and under 135 centimeters go properly seated in its Restraint Systems Child (SRI) and that are properly wired for your security system. This action is very important since the school year has already begun and many children come by car to their schools.

To finish we must mention that the DGT has invited councils of the main Spanish cities to join to this campaign, monitoring of the use of the belt.

Source – Directorate General of Traffic