The DGT launches fixed cameras to control belt use and mobile phone at the wheel

conducir-manipulando-movilit is Not difficult, for much lower figures, standing to look and see how there are still many drivers that not wearing safety belts or are talking on your mobile phone. Traffic wants to put a stop to this in a quite simple and technological, and is that in the next few weeks will put up 70 cameras able to detect and cite violators that does not respect one of these two standards.

Its operation, as it tells the DGT, it is very simple. Also what is your setup. Are just cameras able to take up 50 images per second, capturing logically the front of the car, exposing the driver. Consist of a system of image recognition who judges if the driver is without seat belt or talking on your mobile phone.

Cinturon seguridadTo check that it is correct, the DGT will check that all the images that display the violation are real and accurate. It is not the first time that someone multan by scratching at the ear. Will have to see what the reliability of this system, but the fact that Traffic has had to 70 units, given by the fact that it is a useful with a high level of effectiveness.

The DGT has announced that it will be a first offensive that will come along in 2016. While these surveillance cameras of violations will complete 70 locations, it is planned to place 6 new radar sections. Both will be installed mainly on secondary roads.

This new camera system completes the work not only of the traffic agents that control the roads, but also the surveillance of the helicopters of the DGT, which are also capable of detecting the driver without a seat belt or talking by phone from the heights. What we do not know, to not be these new devices, a few radars, if there will be signage that warn of their presence.

Source – DGT