The DGT processed 11,750 complaints in a week, what were the shortcomings that have led?

They say that Forewarned is forearmed. The DGT warned that between 6 and July 12 would increase state monitoring of vehicle maintenance. We remind you that we already had more important reasons that the fear of a fine to take care of our car maintenance (cf. 8 aspects that make your car unsafe and / or may cost you a fine summer). In any case, the DGT takes stock. Total have controlled 215,000 vehicles and 11,750 complaints have been issued , of which a large majority were due to serious deficiencies. As if that were not enough, 113 vehicles were immobilized site. And what have been the most common deficiencies?

  • Traffic has issued a total of 3,178 complaints for driving with ITV expired unfavorable, or negative. 30% of vehicles punished in this action DGT in the summer.
  • 668 drivers have been denounced for excessive wear on the tires below the legal minimum of 1.6 mm.
  • 1,450 drivers have been punished for not wearing the mandatory vehicle documents (driving license, registration certificate and card ITV ).
  • 353 have been sanctioned by problems illumination and signaling systems or misuse of the lighting of your car.
  • 272 drivers have been fined for bringing impaired registration plate , or so that the correct identification of the license plate is prevented.
  • 113 cars were immobilized . Breakdown, 45 trucks, 17 passenger vans and the rest

Source: DGT
In motor eight aspects that make your car unsafe and / or may cost you a fine summer

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