The DGT will apply these 7 measures to reduce accidents on the road

Accidente saab2016 is not being a good year in terms of accident rate on the roads. So far this year, in Spain there has been 259 fatal accidents, with 349 deceased, more than in the same period of the previous year, though it blamed the figures on accidents very particular, since in three claims have died and 45 people. In 2015 he left the life on the Spanish roads a total of 913 people. Before this increase of the mortality on the road, the DGT has decided to take letters in the subject line with 7 new measures to reduce the accident rate.

DGT will invest 7.2 million euros in the next few months to make the roads safer and to intensify the controls on the drivers. The actions focus mainly on rural roads and puts the focus particularly on motorists and drivers of vans. None of these seven actions of the DGT provides for improvements to the state of the roads.

Bands rough on the roads

Bandas sonoras carretera

Source – Government of Navarra

The outputs of the pathway are one of the accidents most common and from the DGT seek to reduce the number of accidents by installing more bands rough on the Spanish roads. Both on the shoulders as in the central hub of many roads, will be attached to these bands rugose warn the driver when the pisa, something that is particularly important to prevent the outputs of the pathway by fatigue.

will Be 3,000 kilometers of road that will benefit from this improvement in the next five months, for which it will invest 5 million euros. Studies certify that these measures can a reduction by 29% of the frontal collisions, and decrease the number of deaths on rural roads in a 67%. This type of road two-way are the most dangerous. Only in 2015, died in 217 people by frontal collisions and 363 by outputs of the pathway.

Limit areas of advancement

AdelantamientoThe DGT will act on more than 1,000 kilometres of areas of concentration of accidents, by limiting the places in which drivers may overtake. This is to paint double solid lines prohibiting overtaking. This measure was implemented in 5 months, consuming 1 million euros of the total budget. The DGT estimated that the removal of the areas of advancement, conflicting, could reduce by 20 people annually the number of deaths.

Improve dangerous junctions

Señales luminosas DGTThe crossings at the same level in conventional roads were a deadly trap for 134 drivers in 2015, that is to say, the 20% of road deaths. With such figures, it is not surprising that the DGT has decided to install new signaling systems, dynamic light that will detect the presence of vehicles at intersections and will warn the other drivers.

will act on 40 crosses allocating a million euros with the intention of saving 20 lives a year.

More signs of pedestrians

Paso peatonesIn stretches highly frequented by pedestrians, the DGT will be installed signals P-20 with beacons bright. These signals may be manually operated by a push button for the pedestrian to warn other road users of your presence. You could reduce the dead in 10 people a year. Only in 2015, 113 pedestrians were killed on roads. With a budget of 100.00 euros, is expected to install 100 signs in the 50 most dangerous stretches in the next 7 months.

Currently this measure is being carried out in areas heavily traveled by pilgrims of the Camino de Santiago.

to Monitor the excesses of speed night for vans

Volkswagen CrafterThe DGT carried out controls speed of night in the areas most frequented by delivery vehicles and transport of goods. Will also be testing for alcohol and drugs at the same time it will verify that all documentation of the vehicle and the MOT are in order. In 2015 killed 68 people in vans and with this measure they hope to reduce the number of deaths in 20 people.

Monitoring of speed and safety distances

Helicóptero Pegasus2014-2015 the deaths on dual carriageways and motorways by collisions and multiple range went from 44 to 54. For that reason, this 2016 will intensify the work of monitoring of speed and the safety distance by the helicopter Pegasus, with the intention that the dissuasive nature of these actions can reduce in up to 10 deaths a year the numbers of dead on the road.

More attention on the bikers

moto6traffic authorities will intensify the monitoring in the trouble spots for bikers. Take place traffic controls in which there will be a particular interest in the verify the validity of the MOT, since the 9% of the bikes in 2015 were involved in accidents with deaths had not passed the technical inspection.

Source – DGT