The DGT will begin in these days to send the labels B and C

DGT Eco Etiqueta B - CAfter the episodes and berets of pollution that we live in the big Spanish cities during the last winter, the majority of municipalities chose to reduce the speed their way inside and there was even talk of closing the traffic to the centres of these cities. However, the blood finally not reached the river, but the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) got to thinking and launched the eco-labels.

In periods without contamination, all vehicles can access the centre of large cities, however, in a few years you want to restrict this entry to vehicles that are less polluting. So thanks to these tags, the vehicles will be checked in function of the volume of pollution they emit and in situations like the one described by the authorities can prevent them from the traffic at certain places of the city.

DGT Eco Etiqueta ECO - CeroIn march of this year, DGT began to send the labels corresponding to the electric vehicles, and in June did the same for the hybrid vehicles. These labels are 0 emissions and ECo respectively. To finish with them, during these days will be the last shipment of labels. In this case it is the turn of the gasoline vehicles that have been registered from the year 2000.

in Addition to these are also included diesel vehicles registered from the year 2006. And finally, in this last batch of stickers are also included passenger cars or vans with more than eight seats. In this case the year of registration and type of fuel with which to move. These tags are corresponding to the letters B and C.

The action of the DGT is within the National Plan of Air Quality and Protection of the Atmosphere 2013/2016. in Addition it is to be mentioned that “FOR NOW,” it is not obligatory to paste these stickers in the upper part of the moon front of our car, however, some cities could reward the drivers that put them with some incentives.

Source – Directorate General of Traffic (DGT)