The DGT will go hunting for drivers multi-offenders during this christmas

Sure, if you have moved these days in car you will have noticed the greater amount of vigilance on the part of traffic officers of the DGT. This is due to a new campaign of control of the General Directorate of Traffic, which in his own words, intended to remove from the roads drivers multi-offenders.


The secondary routes will be the target of a close surveillance on the part of the DGT

During the christmas campaign, the General Directorate of Traffic will employ more than 1,800 patrols of road to which will add 12 helicopters, 8 of them with the famous radar Pegasus. A comprehensive surveillance by land and air that is intended to control the excesses of speed and the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

The comprehensive surveillance is started with the mobile controls for speed. When a driver is detected with excessive speed, it is forced to stop. At that time the agents determine whether it is necessary to subject the offender to alcohol testing or drugs, or while seeking all the necessary permissions for the circulation

In the year so far, which is nearing completion, the traffic officers have been sanctioned to 110.411 drivers for committing more than a lack of time (speed, alcohol-drugs, MOT, insurance, overtaking improper…). These actions will be most controlled by the DGT during these days. A device that will extend until the end of the christmas season.

to publicize the measure, the General Directorate of Traffic is by issuing warnings via the main radio stations of the country, in addition to the usual light signs on the highways. The main foci of attention will be the secondary roads, the roads that more fatalities are each year.


The 12 helicopters of the DGT is added to the operating, 8 of them equipped with speed radar